This year we intentionally used many of the book coupons, the ones that easily fit into our life. Some of the places we were familiar with, others were new for us. By the end of 2016, we had saved an amazing $424, and yet the book still contained numerous great coupons. There doesn't seem to be enough time in a year to do it all. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to save in an enjoyable way.

- Donna H.

Not only do I love the GoPlaySave book but the company itself and the people who run it are amazing. Top notch. I could not say it any better than that. Any issues or concerns you have about the product, purchasing of the the product, or selling the product through your own child's school fundraiser and they are on it with answers literally within the hour if not within minutes. Super polite, caring, and all around great people. I fully recommend GoPlaySave to be purchased by any consumer with even the occasional outing or to any organization needing a legitimate and profitable fundraiser that not only profits the organization but also the consumer. Keep in mind I am just a parent that purchases the GoPlaySave books annually whenever I have the chance and it is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to support my childrens' school while saving money during outings with my family. I easily make my money back on the price of the book purchase after only a couple uses of the book coupons. The book is great, the company is great, the individuals who run the company are great, and the customer service is outstanding. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

- Alexis V.

We are heading to one of our most favorite places, Barberitos! It's just another excellent vendor in this year's book. Yesterday, we used a Feeney's coupon, which was just what the beautiful day required. I am crazy about visiting great places AND having a coupon! GoPlaySave is right on the money!

- Suzanne N.

We used ours (GoPlaySave) for Tville Diner Thursday, Barberitos Friday and Brixx Saturday. I love coupons!

- Heather A.

I love the name. Can't wait to get a book. For a 72 year old person it sounds great my grandchildren will enjoy. Best of luck.

- Gene K.