About Us

Local owners Carlton and Joanna Hurt are both born and raised here in the Piedmont Triad.  Carlton comes from a family of teachers and school administrators, past and present.  Joanna also comes from an entire family of teachers that are connected to Davidson, Guilford, and Forsyth county school systems.   Seeing as Carlton and Joanna are the only family members that did not assume the teacher role in the greater Triad, they were compelled to be involved in the school system and other non-profit organizations somehow!  It's just in their blood!  Hence, GoPlaySave Piedmont Triad was adopted.  Being responsible for a fundraising business helps satisfy Carlton and Joanna's desire to give back to their fellow schools, their families, and all other non-profits throughout the Triad region.   In this time of economical decline schools have suffered with necessary funds being eliminated from budgets, local businesses have experienced drops in sales, and local residents are having to carefully budget their expenses more than ever before.  GoPlaySave is committed to offering the very best savings to our community, it's schools, and businesses.  With GoPlaySave's hard effort, and little effort of fundraising groups, not only will your group easily find means to grow your finances, merchants will be able to thrive, and residents will be able to GO ... PLAY ... and SAVE at the many fabulous businesses right here in the Triad.   Find thousands of dollars in SAVINGS with the GoPlaySave Book.  Need a FUNDAISER for your organization?  Contact us now, we want to help!


All the great things!
This year we intentionally used many of the book coupons, the ones that easily fit into our life. Some of the places we were familiar with, others were new for us. By the end of 2016, we had saved an amazing $424, and yet the book still contained numerous great coupons. There doesn't seem to be enough time in a year to do it all. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to save in an enjoyable way.
Donna H.